Let it be
I'm just a girl trying to find her place in this sick world.
  • "Your eyebrows are sisters, not twins."
    The most comforting beauty advice I’ve ever been given. (via cinniie)

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  • "If you want the rainbow,
    you have to deal with the rain."
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    • WiFi: connected
    • Me: then fucking act like it
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  • "Date someone who would rather watch your favorite movie with you then go to a party on Friday night. Date someone who will share their food with you even though you said you didn’t want any. Date someone who will warm your hands in the winter and kiss your pink nose. Date someone who will text you they love you at 2am and at 9pm. Date someone who will let you change the station in the car when they’re driving. Date someone who can make you smile when you would rather die. Date someone who makes your insides feel like you’ve just downed a bottle of vodka. Date someone who makes you better."
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  • "Your feelings are valid simply because you feel them."
    something lovely my therapist said (via jeanprouvair)

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  • ana-wrecks-yaa:

    Today a self harmer will put down their weapon for the last time.
    Today an anorexic will start eating again.
    Today a bulimic will purge for the last time.
    Today people will realize that their past has no control over them.
    Today people will begin recovery. Why don’t you become one of these people today?

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  • largecoin:

    what a day!!!!!!!! nothing happened and i was tired

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  • tmntyler:


    This is how I stayed alive my senior year

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks of time like this.

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